Our History

MultiCrew was an idea coined by two high school students in late 2016 as a brand name to encompass some social media groups promoting shared cockpit flying. Starting out as a Facebook page, several iterations of a static website containing information and advice on shared cockpit were developed. The development of the MultiCrew Academy brought some basic community-organised training through shared cockpit, and we trialed the first version of our Copilot software.

We took a break in 2019, and in 2020 started development again, from scratch, this time fully open source. We are now working towards a public release of our Copilot software, which is currently in beta testing!

Staff Team

Harry Cameron

Harry, the first half of the development team, brings the real-world experience, being in the aviation industry himself. Harry, the founder of MultiCrew, has been actively involved in VATSIM UK and other similar-sized flight sim projects.
Harry's main development tasks include most of the backend systems and well as third-party intergations.

Calum Shepherd

An Engineering student, Calum is the other half of the development team at MultiCrew. A passionate flight simmer, as well as VATSIM controller, his main motivation is to get more involvement in shared cockpit, as he feels it is the most immersive feature of any aircraft addon.
Calum does most of the frontend work at MultiCrew, as well as some backend too.

Frequenty Asked Questions

No, MultiCrew is an organisation which provides tools to help you fly shared cockpit, but does not provide shared cockpit capabilities to any simulator or aircraft itself - that is down to aircraft developers or some third party (.e.g SmartCopilot for X-Plane).

Our main project, Copilot, is a tool to help you organise and dispatch shared cockpit flights. We will help you find a copilot for your sim and aircraft with similar other addons and preferences. The tool also helps you manage your flight planning, and we have a Discord server you can use for VoIP comms.

Nothing! MultiCrew will always strive to provide its service basic services for free. Of course, we still have operating costs, so donations are always appreciated :)

At the moment, Copilot is in closed beta which means that it is only accessible by a select group of people - our "beta testers" - to check over the software, how easy it is to use and how good it looks. Once we're all happy with it, we will release it to the public (you!).
If you're interested in becoming a part of the beta team, simply create an account and apply to join from there.

All of them! Our software is all web-based, independent of any simulator or aircraft, so you can use it with any software you like. Of course, we have a list of commonly used simulators and aircraft which you can select, but the community can contribute to that as well!

If you're a software developer, you can head to our GitHub (everything is open source!) and fork the repository right away! If you're interested in helping in any context, join our Discord server and speak to a staff member.


We're all about bringing people from the aviation industry and the flight simulation community together to enjoy flight simulators. We are a community-driven organisation, which specialises in shared cockpit flying, training and support.